Rims and Tyre Maintenance Guide

Choosing the Right Tyres and Maintaining Your Alloy Wheels

Every car comes with tyres and it is difficult to imagine a vehicle that doesn’t have tyres. However, it is really a matter of time before you start thinking that you need to upgrade your tires, specifically for increased performance.

The market for performance tyres have been booming for a long time and people really prefer using vehicles with greater performance, hence the need of such Nitto Tyres. However, the thought of buying tyres or wheels for your car can be pretty daunting.


There are lots of things to think about when going for the right set of alloy wheels or tyres for your car. You need to know all about tyres and their specifications before going for the right set. All the skills you have need to be put through product specifications and others to make sure that you choose the correct set of 4wd Tyres Australia for your car.

Choosing the tyres based on terrain


Obviously, the choice of your tyres depends a lot on the terrain. If you choose to use monster truck tyres on your everyday sedan, that not only means a lot of changes need to be made but also suggests that you will not be able to drive it on the road you prefer.

You should always choose your tyres depending on the terrain through which it will go through. A lot of information is located on the side of your tyres. You need to check out the brand or the model name.

Make sure that it is a tubeless tyre since all tyres are tubeless these days. The tyre must have an arrow which indicates that it is unidirectional and it needs to be mounted, resulting in the arrow pointing towards the front of your vehicle. The ‘P’ denotes a passenger tyre. The width of the tyre in millimetres and it is also known as sectional width and that is indicated in the tyre as well. Make sure you have coilovers when making any tyre of wheel repairs yourself.

Profile of a tyre


The aspect ratio of the tyre tells us of its profile. It tells us how tall the tyre actually is. The number comes as a percentage of the width. The tyre’s speed rating is indicated by the Z. R also indicates that the tyre is basically radial.

The tyre is also intended to fit a particular diameter of a wheel as it is supposed to. When comparing certain tyres, UTQG rating is quite important. There are many tyre retailers and magazines which make use of such ratings to determine the quality and specifications of the tyre.

Understanding Tyre ratings and safety


It is a grading system that has been developed by the Department of Transportation. The system was designed in such a way that it will provide information to consumers based on the relative performance of the passenger tyres, considering areas of temperature, tread wear and traction. You can use the UTQG rating to figure out how the manufacturer’s tyres rate within their own product line, instead of comparing it with other tyre brands in the market.

A tread-wear rating is indicted by a number, followed by a letter, denoting the traction rating and a second letter which shows the temperature rating. A braking traction test is used to grade the UTQG traction grade in a vehicle. They actually show the power in the tyre to stop on a wet pavement when measured in control conditions.

The traction grades range from highest to lowest, depending on the quality of traction in the vehicle. If a tyre is marked C, it can be considered to have poor traction. Keep in mind that no matter what rating a tyre gets, its performance will always depend on the way in which you wish to use that tyre. The falken tyres also come with temperature grades which need to be carefully selected.

Ways to repair your alloy wheels


Besides using a good tyre, a proper set of alloy wheels is also necessary in the market. They can make a major difference in a car or a motorcycle, based on improved handling and awesome appearance. As a result, enthusiasts have always thought of upgrading to larger wheels over the years. While upgrading your wheels, choose you can browse through some Rockstar rims.

They tend to replace basic steel wheels and hub caps, in order to keep a vehicle different from others and generate a smoother and more polished ride.

Manufacturers have also started changing their styling to appeal to customers who prefer larger and faster wheels. These wheels should go into everyday vehicles like vans, compact cars, SUVs and even vehicles requiring larger-diameter wheels. King wheels have a problem even if they look great. 2-piece and 3-piece wheels generally tend to be soft in nature and can be easily damaged.

Is it necessary to replace your wheels?

When they get damaged, curbed or bent, is it necessary to replace them completely. In reality, it is not so. It will cost you days and hundreds of dollars if you want to replace them through dealers. The mother of innovation is necessity. Black rims will complement the present outlook of your wheels.

Choosing the best wheel repair specialist for your alloys


Unless you actually require something, you will not think about upgrading or replacing it. When it comes to factory wheels, replacing a single wheel can cost you from a few hundred to a couple of thousand dollars. Alloy wheel repair should provide you excellent cosmetic restoration as long as the wheel safety isn’t an issue. Choosing the best CSA wheels should benefit the performance of your car.

If a wheel has been damaged very hard, choosing to replace them is the way to go. After all, you do not want your kids to sit in a car with damaged wheels. If you want to replace your wheels, always go to the best wheel repairmen with the sharpest engineers available for fixing your wheels.